Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The First Step - The Beginning of Curb Appeal

The First Step is always the hardest, and in this case the opening of a blog is also reason to celebrate.  With another tool to help Carol Jacobs connect with her clients and the public in general it can't help but be a good thing.

The Real Estate of Huntsville has always been an interesting creature.  Reaching out into different counties with home values covering the thousands to the multi-millions, farms and ranches to condos and gated communities, the Huntsville Metro Area has managed to hold everyone together for the continued growth for the community, jobs, and upward mobility.

For quick local info on the city take a look a these quick links:  Huntsville Wikipedia  Huntsville City-Data  Official Huntsville Website

In the past few years, the rest of the country real estate market has been bludgeoned to death by the Great Recession.  Huntsville has been lucky enough to withstand most of it.  This is why many people have relocated here to get into better financial position and also for the excellent community that the city provides.

So come on back to this blog for new information and tidbits of Huntsville information from its history and from the here and now.  This weeks tidbit:

In 1884 Frank James stood trial in Huntsville for the armed robbery of an army paymaster near Muscle Shoals.  This celebrity trial would be known as the Trial of the Nineteenth Century.  Reporters came from nationwide to get the details of the Frank James trial.  This circus would end as the civil war veteran jury acquitted James on all counts and he walked out of the Huntsville courthouse free.

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