Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Growth and Redevelopment

Occasionally great news happens in the community and it must be shared with everyone.  This is no difference.

Raytheon's new missile production plant is now open in Huntsville.  This plant is one of the largest investments that Raytheon has ever made.  Redstone Arsenal beat out 70 other locations nationwide for this 70K sqft building.  This will lead to expansion and more jobs coming to Huntsville in the near future.  Two thumbs up for this project.

Next is an educational event.  The Huntsville City School System has decided to overhaul the overcrowding and aging Grissom High School in South Huntsville.  Now a new choice would have to be made based on location.  Keep the current location south of Carl T. Jones and on Bailey Cove or move to a new location on Weatherly near Redstone Arsenal and have twice the space currently.  According to school officials, moving to Weatherly would save 4M dollars in city taxpayers money and take two years less to build.  Staying in the same location on Bailey Cove would mean the new school would be constructed at the same time as students are there learning.  Probably mean the school would be built in phases forcing the students to keep moving to a new location when a new phase is about to begin.  This would also lengthen the construction project costing more money.

Today's Tidbit:

If you have a yearning for owning a motorcycle or know someone who does, then here's some information for you.  This Saturday Dec 1st, 11 motorcycles will be auctioned off by the Internal Revenue Service.  Friday will be used as an open house for viewing.  For more information you can view the IRS page for this auction.

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