Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Home Curb Appeal

Today's post is a short one on Home Curb Appeal.  Houses should have an appealing draw to them.  They should not face the road angrily, or have a feeling that passers by would be attacked.  They need a soft touch of elegance, a breeze of simplicity, and a welcoming uncluttered attitude.

As markets fluctuate between buyers and sellers markets, you must never turn down an opportunity for the home to be seen.  Any turn off such as trash or toys in the front yard, chalk drawings on the driveway, holes in the house (or any other exterior damage), dying or cut up trees, etc...are all instances where those first impressions can be ruined.  And its with those first impressions that a sale can be made.  If the buyer didn't like what they saw the first time around, its highly doubtful they'll come back for a return visit.

Homes must be pristine in appearance.  Ready at a moment's notice.

Take this EXAMPLE on 172 Manor House.  Its clean, decorated nicely and without any obstruction to the eyes.

Today's Tidbit:

Huntsville Hospital is built on two burial grounds, the earliest being a native american cemetery and the other being a black and white cemetery in the 1800s and early 1900s.

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