Thursday, November 1, 2012

Home Improvements - The Yay or Nay of it all.

Home Improvement can be a tricky issue when it comes to putting the home on the market.  Some sellers have that perfect touch of making it stand out beautifully.  Others feel that its best to let the next occupants improve what they want on their own.  And yet still others believe they are master design gurus, which we all know how that turns out.

Improvement in the home should always be something that the majority of the buyers will appreciate.  Don't make upgrades which will hurt the viability for the property to sell.

Take a look at necessities first.  Aged & faulty wiring, corroded pipes or faucets, and holes in walls and or doors are examples of items that need to be prioritized.  Take care of these problems as they could lead to something more later such as fires and leaks causing water damage.  Ascetics isn't as important as functionality where safety is concerned.

Experts and websites such as HGTV & Homes and Land agree across the board that improvements in the kitchen and master bath are all positive.  It also makes the most sense as these two areas are heavily used combining for wear and tear.  Beyond these remember do as it deems necessary.  Anything major you can take care of ahead of time could save in the long run.  Not everything will add value either, just because it fits your taste doesn't mean it is loved by everyone else.

This week's tidbit:

Alabama's first public water system was built in 1823 in Huntsville and was called Huntsville Waterworks.  Pipes were made out of hollowed out cedar trees and the reservoir was a wooden storage tank.

Huntsville Metro Area Homes

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