Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Moving Day in the Wintertime, Huntsville Real Estate style

Today with the weather being still in the warmish zone comparably speaking its best to talk about something before it happens.  Moving in the Winter weather.  With Real Estate in the Huntsville Metro Area, winter can be highly erratic as warm fronts and cold fronts battle it out from 60 degree shorts weather to temperatures in the 20s with a strong northern wind bringing windchills even lower.

Its the lower temperatures we're worried about.  The build up of ice & sleet is more of a hindrance in our area than snow.

  • Make sure the walkway is free of any slick spots or debris.
  • Use cardboard or plastic matting to protect major walkways from bringing mud, ice, and water into the house.
  • Make sure you have warm refreshments on hand for yourself and movers if you have them.  In this less than ideal environment its nice to be considerate.
  • Plastic sheets, garbage bags, or coverings to protect electronics, furniture and other valuables that may have problems with the cold, rain, etc.
  • Make sure you have utilities turned on in your new home.
  • Make a back up plan for you and your movers.
  • Travel slower than usual on the roads, icy spots will ruin your moving experience as well as any other items of importance.

Events of below freezing moving day are rare here in the world of Real Estate in Huntsville, however we have been known to be thrown a curve ball once or twice by mother nature.  Just keep an eye to the sky and ground once every 10 years and you'll see something big.

Today's Tidbit:

The Coldest days in Huntsville was at -11 degrees F on Jan 21st 1985 and Jan 30th 1966.

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