Thursday, January 31, 2013

Highlighting A Mortgage Lender

Today the decision was reached to highlight a mortgage lender.  Supreme Lending under Shannon Fortner has always provided us with the best of service.  They have never ceased to amaze us with the amount of hard work, good attitude, and wonderful quality of their work.

Originally Shannon Fortner and his team were with Countrywide Home Loans before the company collapsed amid financial troubles and political corruption which included waived points, lender fees and company borrowing rules for members of the Democratic Party of the United States.  This led the team to W.R. Starkey in which they had a troubling relationship due to the W.R. Starkey's over bureaucratic methods.  The Shannon Fortner team didn't stay long before they moved over to their present place at Supreme Lending.  Although they have moved from company to company, the once constant is their fantastic services they have provided to their clients.  Their strong unit has proved time and time again, their eagerness to do as much as they can for the benefit of their clients and agents.

Thank you for everything Shannon, Beverly, and Debbie.  You've always been wonderful to work with and provided many great times.

Shannon Fortner - Supreme Lending
Contact Information
  • Phone Numbers:
    Cell 256-755-0156
    Direct 256-715-9465
    Main 256-715-9465
    Fax 256-715-9501
  • Branch Location:
    2101 Clinton Ave W, St. 202
    Huntsville, AL 35805

Today's Tidbit:  Don't be afraid to ask your mortgage lender questions, they're there to help you understand. If you don't ask the questions, they won't be able to read your mind to assist you.

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