Thursday, February 7, 2013

Even Real Estate Agents Get Telemarketer Calls

Yes even Real Estate Agents get telemarketing calls!  Overall they're more rude than ones that go out to the general public.  Most of the time our telemarketer calls get stopped by the front desk.  Then there are other times when they call on the cell immediately and constantly, or even leave voicemails.  From personal experience of their calls they are usually very rude and feel they know better than you.  Such corrupt people and their organizations by a few names are Z57 and top of the page.  You don't have to take my word for it, Z57 complaints can be found here, here, and here.  When in doubt ask around or do research, you might find out you can do a lot yourself without paying others.  We are glad to have administrative staff around us to lookout for us.

Z57 is a lead promiser. They send you lots of leads, but they're essentially worthless as the people they give you seems like they got out of a telephone directory.  Some leads aren't in your area, some are dead, some just bought a house.  They are disgusting at worse and disheartening at best.  Corrupt telemarketers like Z57 take thousands of dollars from agents without any compensation in return.

Top of the Page is another type of telemarketer.  Top of the Page isn't really into leads but more into advertising and promising you'll be on top of all the search engines.  Now that is one thing that is physically impossible.  That will only happen through paid links through the search engine itself not a third party fly by night organization.  It is possible to get to the top of the search engines for different searches and that's through hard work on your bio, your website and other social media.  Granted you won't be on every top page as not every search can be guessed on what the user will put in, but you'll have a better shot.  In addition, there are other agents and businesses fighting to get to that same spot. as well as search engine algorithms are always changing as well as how much work/effort those people are putting in.  Agents know their clients and know what types of clients they have.  Third party websites or organizations have no idea whose clients are whose and what the audience the agent is speaking to.  This works on most spectrum of business.

If agents treated their clients like telemarketers treated people, there wouldn't be any clients.  Clients should be treated with care and respect, they are seeking help.  Telemarketers only seek money.

Today's Tidbit:  People or clients may not tell you up front that they need help.  Sometimes they need assurance that they won't be cast off just as another number.  People are special and should be treated like an individual not someone standing in line at the DMV.  Once you communicate more and more with them you can build a certain level of trust, and in a successful business relationship, trust is one if not the most important piece of that relationship.  Its an investment of money and time.  The value must be worth the input to have a successful relationship.

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