Thursday, February 14, 2013

Highlighting a Community under Active Construction: Lendon at Jones Valley

This week we take a quick peek at one of South Huntsville's newest communities, Lendon at Jones Valley.
This new construction venture in the Jones Valley Commercial District has been called the Providence of South Huntsville.  Meaning it will have a similar layout and type of community as was constructed in Providence community on University Drive.  The location of Lendon at Jones Valley will be between Four Mile Post Road and Carl T. Jones, behind Target, Barnes & Noble, Pets Mart, and movie theater.

Currently Lendon is offering Square Footage as low as 600 in a Carriage House to the limit of 5200 for an Estate House.  However, it was discussed that there are possible home sites holding up to 8000 sqft.

Construction started just over 1 month ago on the 250 home sites with 100 flats on 80 acres.  According to representatives of Lendon the styles of architecture will be Classical Traditional, Neoclassical, European and American.  These new homes will be expected to have upkeep of strict landscape and hard scape to maintain the standard of living that the Lendon wants to present.

We wish the developers all the best in this new endeavor.

More information about Lendon can be found with this link.

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