Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Huntsville Alabama Real Estate and Business Round Up

For lack of a better headline, that's what we came up with.  We are going to be talking about business, Alabama's growth in Huntsville and Madison County, and a tip on how to find known sinkholes seeing how that is in the news.

First let's begin with business, local company Raytheon gave 30 thousand dollars to the non-profit organization Free-2-Teach.  Free 2 Teach ensures that students and teachers have supplies for the classroom in Huntsville and Madison County.  Raytheon considers this an investment in the tech and sciences of the future.

NASA has narrowed down choices for a 350 million dollar contract for engineering services and products at Marshall Space Flight Center.  The two Huntsville companies are Teledyne Brown and Raytheon.

Released by al.com, most areas of the Huntsville Metro Area is scheduled for heavy growth.  Here are short snippets of the findings:

South Huntsville is getting attention for a possible new Grissom High School as well as a regional branch library of the Huntsville Madison County Library in which would have between 30 and 40 thousand square feet.  But still eyes in the area are still looking at how to enhance the riverside along the Tennesee River with shops and restaurants.

West Huntsville, the newest and fastest growth in Metro Huntsville.  In the ten years from 2000 to 2010, this area which has been creeping like kudzu into Limestone County has achieved a growth rate of over 80%.  As land gets annexed & the homes built, people are coming in droves for the easy commute both to Redstone Arsenal as well as Huntsville International Airport.  With the south side of West Huntsville connecting to the Tennessee River and the other areas seeing empty land, the growth is scheduled to continue at a rapid pace.

East Huntsville has been one the fastest growing area of Metro Huntsville.  The wonderful area full of greenery and new beginning for Huntsville residents has seen six new subdivisions rise up.  Goldman-Schiffman opened up in 2011 to handle the overflow from the jam packed Hampton Cove Elementary.  The population of East Huntsville has climbed by over 70% from 2000 to 2010.

The Northern Edge of Huntsville Metro consists of New Market, Meridianville, Hazel Green, and Riverton have seen slow and steady growth as new subdivisions come into existence and traffic roads continue to get more dense.  This area has the best opportunity for larger uninhibited growth due to more easily developed land, possible large lot sizes, and the reinvestment in local roads and through-ways.

Today's Tidbit:  You can see sinkholes in the Huntsville area by going to the Huntsville city GIS site and going to their interactive maps.  From there click on the more button on the right and scroll down to where is says USGS Sinkholes.  Light purple/mauve outlined areas will pop up showing where sinkholes are as stated by the USGS.

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