Thursday, March 21, 2013

Huntsville Alabama's Roadways and Waterways

Nicole Emmett of has come out with a fantastic article on which Huntsville roadways are the most dangerous.  This is a great article for the county at large and should be taken as advisement on how to change the flow routes to make the roadways less dangerous as well as less crowded.  She does a good job with the numbers:

UAH Finishes 2nd in the Southeast Regional Concrete Canoe race to Florida.  UAH still advances to Nationals though which will take place in Illinois.

If anyone is thinking about their plans to head back to the rivers and lakes, remember to make sure all your boating/fishing licenses are in order and safety plans in place.  Better to do it now than later.

Today's Tidbit:  The two tornadoes that touched down this past weekend shows that spring has arrived and should not be taken lightly as a sign we can relax from slick roads.  Now is the time when we are in that in between stage when we get hit by unsettled fronts which can bring cool air from the north with some precipitation as well as heat from the gulf making the atmosphere more unsettled for severe weather.

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