Friday, April 5, 2013

Madison School Rezoning, Local Events, and Inside Plants

Today's post is not big by any means.  We're just going to talk about Madison Elementary Schools rezoned for next year.  Weekend events on tap.  And Inside Plants.  The last two topic were posts by one local Huntsville native and one by a national real estate website.

Yesterday, the Madison City Alabama school board 5-0 unanimously passed the new elementary school rezoning proposal.  This elementary school map is what the board approved of.  I have linked to it.  It is in PDF format so you will be able to zoom in for a closer look.  This will be for the school year beginning fall 2013-2014.  Its not the best looking organized creature, but it is what it is.  On the Madison City Schools website there is also information about waivers in specific cases.

Rocket City Mom has put together a great run through of this weekend's events.  Make sure you check it out!

Maria Salova wrote an article on about inside plants for homes and apartments.  The article is both informative and intriguing as it shows ways to add style to simple plants.

Today's Tidbit:  The weather is supposed to be fantastic this weekend, mid 70s.  This is a perfect opportunity to get things done.  Normally we don't get beautiful back to back days without something interfering with it.  Either we get rain somewhere in between, or a controlled burn to our West which then blows over the city ( like the last great weekend ).  Let's hope we have a great weekend!

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