Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Quick Household Tips

We had a lot of fun at Panoply.  The great artwork, the AMC Materiel Band, and the food were all terrific.  The fireworks weren't bad either with the lightning show behind it.  Today we decided to just go through a few household hints that we have learned and a few that few found online.  We've only tested out a few of these, so test them at your own risk.

After touching garlic, rubbing your hands on stainless steel gets rid of the garlic smell.  No doubt this has something to do with the ions in the stainless steel?

Keeping a sheet of fabric softener with you will keep away mosquitoes.

Ants can't digest grits/polenta so spread a few around ant holes and they'll come and try to eat it.

Don't rub dirty windows, the dust and build up could scratch the glass.  Use a wet/damp rag and wipe instead.

On wood floors never use ammonia cleaners, and always keep your potted plants in protectors.  The moisture from underneath the pots can damage the wood just like the ammonia.

Having fresh peppermint will keep mice out of the area.

Use toothpaste on foggy car headlights.

Never cut grass to below 1.5 inches, below that and there's a high risk the grass will burn and die.

Pour boiling salt water on weeds in cracks to kill them.

On window box flowers place a layer of gravel on top of the soil to prevent soil splattering everywhere during heavy rains.

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