Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cleaning Out the Garage

After a busy late week and weekend, we're back to do a quick post then head off to appointments.

Today, we're talking about Cleaning Out the Garage.  Tips and How to.  This can be a bit complicated due to a combination of junk, hazardous waste/materials, and things that tug on your heart strings.  Keep the Garage Door(s) open.  Its not only a good idea to air it out, but also gives a place for the dust to travel to instead of resettling in the garage making for more cleaning headaches later.  This also helps so you are not constantly breathing in the concentrated particles of whatever is floating around in the garage whether it be gas/oil fumes, or dust particulates to induce sneezing.  Starting on one wall and moving around after completing it can make the process go easier and make it look like progress is being made.  Throw away or recycle what needs to be, and give to charity what is in good condition but no longer need.  After sweeping and dusting, if you have shelves or tool areas organize those.  Arrange and group cans of paint, insecticide, and fertilizer by their counterparts for easy access.  Keep tools and loose screws, nuts, bolts, and nails in their respective containers so they don't possibly make their way under car tires next time you pull into the garage.  Hanging large tools such as weed-eaters, hedge clippers, and edgers on garage or shed walls instead of keeping them piled in the corner can help by keeping yourself from tripping over them and also keep clean a hidden area for insects such as roaches and spiders to gather.  These are just a few tips, but remember a happy garage is organized and able to fit your vehicle.

Today's Tidbit:  It seems everyone has taken advantage of the dryness and rising temperatures to get out and plant their gardens after what seemed weeks of heavy rain and cooler weather.  The Mother's Day Monday in particular was the first day everyone went out to garden.

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