Thursday, May 30, 2013

Different Types of Roofing

Today we're getting back on track after the wonderful Memorial Day Weekend with a short comment on the roofing.  Just a short blurb if you will.  There are several different types of house tops that stand out.  3 Tab, Architectural, Tile, and Aluminum.

Let's begin and just jump right in.  Differences can vary by cost, strength, and looks among other things. The 3 Tab is the low end and is just your slap them on and hammer them down roof shingles.  They are the most vulnerable to destruction.  Architectural shingles have more depth, providing that 3-D effect and usually last around 30 years, but can have 50% more weight. A grade higher than 3 Tab.  Tile roofs can give a more glamorous appearance, but at a higher cost.  There is also a greater strength than shingles, don't rot, don't burn, and the normal life expectancy is near 50 years, however they can weigh more than shingles.  Make sure your walls can support it.  Ah and now we talk aluminum roofing.  These are among the highest costs of roofing, but also the long lasting.  But how do the advantages and disadvantages weight out?  High cost, high strength, won't rust or rot.  Although its slick for anyone needing to get rooftop, the shine will dull in time, the dents in it will be easily identifiable from the street whether it be rocks, animals, or hail.  Speaking of hail and heavy rain as well, we know that this causes the roof to sound and ring through the neighborhood.  The homeowners might not be able to hear the noise themselves due to insulation, but the neighbors sure can.  Although, a strong surface underneath might bring down the noise level considerably.

Today's Tidbit:  Roof selection is a big choice.  Make it wisely, you'll be living with it for a good while.

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