Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tomorrow 6/21/13 is the First Day of Summer...Huntsville events, road funds, and new entertainment districts

With the first day of summer looming around the corner what is everyone up to.  Seems like there are vacations about to go on or are being planned.  Everyone is getting involved in activities and volunteer groups on one thing or another, or people are taking more of an opportunity to go out more with families and friends.

Our local visitors center has put together more upcoming events.

In other news: One of our team members spotted Mayor Battle on the corner of Byrd Spring and South Memorial Parkway when he was discussing the deferred road funds for Byrd Spring & Lily Flagg.  And with the new open container legislation that has passed the city is putting out more information on the entertainment districts known as Quigley and Meridian.

Today's Tidbit: Remember rule of safety for summer, keep drinking even if you don't feel thirsty.  Dehydration can still hit you when its humid out and doesn't feel as hot.

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