Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What to take with you when viewing a home

A tiny post today on something not normally thought about.  What to take with you when viewing a home?

Pen - Have at least two in case one goes bad.

Notepad/Notebook - Have something to write on to take notes about what you see.

Drink or Bottle of water - Not for actual drinking but to moisten the mouth and throat for speaking with the realtor or others.  You wouldn't believe how raspy a voice can become when viewing homes.  Leave the drink in the vehicle when you enter the house.

Flyer or Printout - This can either be in the flyer box in front of the house or an online printout of the property.  Something you can take back with you to make it easy for you to remember room by room.

Questions - Always come with questions.  There are many to ask if not specified in online information, flyers, printouts, public tax records.  You can find out more about a property if you just ask.

These are the basics, but there are other optional that you can bring if you want.  Electronic measuring devices would be one great example of something that a potential buyer can bring.  Sometimes, those stretch out measuring tapes can't get in certain areas or move in ways you want them to.

Today's Tidbit:  Remember rules of etiquette when entering someone else's home.  I.E. Don't touch something that doesn't belong to you.  Its ok to turn on light switches, etc, but don't try to swing from the ceiling fan or use the seller's exercise equipment.  Likewise sellers shouldn't be demanding of potential buyers that come into their home such as taking off shoes or having potential buyers wade through dirty laundry in the hallway.

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