Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Just This, That, and the Other: Labor Day, Football, Gaming & Maglev Train, you know the usual...

Well everyone is back in their places after the Labor Day Weekend, also the first weekend of football season.  So its a just a little bit slow picking up the pace again.  Who would have thought that Oregon State, ranked #25 at the time, would have been the first team to choke?
But then again, it seems its always got to be someone on that first weekend that everyone talks about.

So how is everyone enjoying September so far?  We should be seeing the beginning of a temperature slide through the month allowing for everyone to get outdoors more and not feel completely hampered by the heat.

For the video gaming buffs out there, the release dates have been confirmed for the Playstation 4 and XBOX ONE.  11/15/13 for Playstation, and 11/22/13 for XBOX, both US releases dates.

For the tech people: Japan just showed off their new 300+MPH Maglev train to reporters on its test track.  Possible future upgrade to Japan Railways?

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