Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Winterization or Don't Let the Dollars Float Away

With the Temperatures deciding to drop quickly this week into possibly below freezing territory, we decided to put out a quick and informal checklist just for you to get started on.  Add your own ideas to this list as this is only a jumping off point.  Being here in the South, I'm sure we're going to be missing several big things that would be an automatic to put on the list in a more deeply colder area such as Minnesota or New Hampshire.

Check your HVAC and make sure its working correctly.  There is no use in waiting for it to conk out in December or January if it can be prevented.

If you have a chimney and use it, make sure its checked out for the safety of everyone living in the house.

Clean your Gutters.  We've said this before under fall cleaning but as we know it takes forever for some leaves to fall off the trees and they'll do it when they're good and ready.  Sometimes we have a problem with sleet and the leaves in the gutters are just in the right spot to be exposed to the elements to refreeze the water that's left behind.  And  if you have lots of leaves in the gutter and they're all frozen its possible that the gutter won't be able to hold the weight and it could come crashing down.  But its better to be safe than sorry and avoid other damages.  And remember if it seems to risky for you to do it, get others who can do it or use a professional.

Winterize your hoses and exterior faucets.  Make sure you get all the water out of your hoses (hang them up & put away) and sometimes just a simple cover of Styrofoam can work to protect the faucet by covering it and attaching it to the house exterior.

Check the weatherstripping and caulk on windows, doors, and any other place where there are holes, gaps, and bad seals.  The heat loss can cost you extra money that you won't even realize!

Now an easy one which many people won't realize.  Smoke & Carbon Monoxide detectors.  Make sure they are working and change their batteries.  Fall/Winter are the months in which all the windows are closed and sealed and there's no movement of air to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.  Remember it is odorless, tasteless, and colorless gas that can kill while people are sleeping.

Remember this is just a starting off point.  Get involved yourself and see what you can find to get your house ready for the colder months.

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