Friday, May 23, 2014

Home Tips

Just a few tips for a homeowner to think about or remember.

If going away for a while remember to have someone keep an eye on your house for security, but also the lawn. Don't let the house look derelict.

After a rain and showers, take a look if there is standing water in the crawlspace afterwards. Is it well ventilated so there won't be a constant water presence. Contact a home inspector, contractor, etc for additional help in what to do if the water becomes a mainstay.

Make sure the surrounding area of a HVAC unit is clear and any near shrubs are pruned to give the unit ample space.

Remember to change your air filters routinely, no good letting pollen particles freely floating around the house.

Power wash the driveway and sidewalk, after months on end of collecting dust, dirt, and anything else its nice to see the brightness underneath after a good cleaning.

Let your sinks run and check if there's any leaks underneath in the cabinets. Sometimes we don't see what's right in front of us or below us.

Set an important date for the replacement of batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Jan 1 or July 4, or even Oct 31. Pick a day you'll remember and it'll be come routine.

Clean your windows, yes exterior as well as interior. Its nearly Summer and time to get all the natural light in.

Remember to keep the blades on the lawnmower not too low, we've seen many a commercial lawn cutting service burn grass by cutting way too deep.

Everyone have a great Memorial Day!

Today's Tip: Remember the 2014 Cotton Row Run is Monday, so everyone go on and cheer the runners.

Huntsville Metro Area Homes

Friday, May 16, 2014

What's going on with the apartment renovations along South Parkway?

Much like when The Springs apartments were taken over and changed into Huntsville Parc, The Renaissance at Memorial (next to Martin Road) was purchased in 2013 by Panther Properties and changed to Fern Parc apartments.  The entire complex is undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation which can be easily viewed when driving Southbound on Memorial Parkway.

Panther Properties has made a large push in the past few years into the Apartment Real Estate Market according to its press releases.

Hopefully, Panther Properties with Huntsville Parc and Fern Parc and the new renovations there, will become a good partner in providing great apartments for people to live as well as to the community.  Everyone looks forward to seeing what the finished product will look like.

Huntsville Metro Area Homes

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Little Early but...Happy Mother's Day

After a wonderful Panoply two weeks ago, oh and a special shout out to the wonderful vendors of Moe's Grill. They had wonderful service and fantastic food that was filled to the brim of the take out boxes.  That with wonderful entertainment including something for the children in the form of Dr. Osborne.  Just a great time all around.

This Sunday we have Mother's Day coming up.  Right now the team is running full speed ahead and wanted to send out a Happy Mother's Day to everyone if there wasn't time later.

(photo taken by Carol Jacobs team)

Everyone have a safe and wonderful Mother's Day and enjoy time with the family.