Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pool Information To Help You In Your Selection

Recently we have seen more and more salt water pools being installed by owners. So the question has to be asked which would be a better choice for you if you are looking into purchasing one. Many choices concerning pools tend to be personal preferences whether they be financial, convenience, or taste.

Regular pools need to maintain a certain level of chlorine which is added based on a pH value. The chlorine has to be purchased every month, and the chlorine can be an irritant to the eyes, skin, and hair to those that are sensitive. The initial set up for these pools are less expensive than their salt water counterparts, but still do need monthly pool cleanings and filter inspections. An ionic purifier can help with the pool sanitation by releasing small amounts of copper and silver to stop the growth of algae and bacteria.

Salt water pools use less chlorine by way of a chlorine generator that takes salt and through electrolysis forms chlorine.  By this process there is no harsh chlorine smell, is better for people with sensitive skin or chlorine allergies. As always there is maintenance. The chlorine generator must be maintained at the right levels specifically inside the control box, and salt is usually purchased once or twice a year. Salt water pools can cause corrosion of materials such as stone and other pool surfaces, pool lighting and other equipment. It can also leave calcium deposits. A maintenance and cleaning around the pool can cut down on this type of corrosion. Also pool cleaning for salt water pools is usually every three months. Now as with regular pools, there can be an irritant. In the case of salt water pools it is irritant to the eyes for those sensitive.  Just for quick information, usually salt water pools have between 3,000 to 5,000 parts per million while ocean salinity has 40,000 parts per million. The costs of salt water pools other than the initial set up can depend on your area of the country, utility costs, etc.  But there is an increase in the electric bill and it all depends on the filter motor & generator, pool size, generator size and local utility rates.

Remember as with location and company, costs and rates from anything from initial set up, chlorine/salt purchases, to equipment purchases, utility rates will all vary.  So do some shopping around and ask others who have pools. See how they like it and who they used. Reviews and personal interactions will always help you to make an informed decision.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Huntsville Restaurant Week & News

Just a heads up to everyone that Huntsville Restaurant Week starts this Friday 8/15/14 and runs through 8/24/14. Amanda Conger at Our Valley Events and the Huntsville/Madison County Convention and Visitors Bureau have both done a wonderful job of putting out information on the what's, who's, where's and how much. Our team looks forward to experience all the dishes that these restaurants will be showcasing to the city.

A few of the Huntsville Restaurant Week Participants
A few of the Huntsville Restaurant Week Participants

Also coming across the news, specifically WHNT. It looks like there are plans in the works for Stone Middle School to be converted. Part Straight to Ale brewery, part Yellowhammer brewery, part ampitheater, and even Bandito Burrito seems to be interested in taking part. Currently Bandito Burrito has a small location across the road and this certainly would allow them an upgrade in space inside but also parking.
Stone Middle Site Plan by Matheny Goldmon Architecture & Interiors
Site Plan by Matheny Goldmon Architecture & Interiors

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