Thursday, October 30, 2014

Steps for a Safe Halloween around the Home

With lots of people roaming the streets for Halloween, if you are staying in and are handing out candy make sure the area around your home is safe.

Everyone have a Safe and Happy Halloween

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

An Amazing Week of Events - 10/10/14

This weekend will be one of the more full weekends of events that include Huntsville Real Estate, historical stories, and wonderful jewelry. There hasn't been a weekend like this in quite a while.  There are three major events going on this weekend:

Parade of Homes
The Parade of Homes covers this weekend and next weekend. This is when all the new construction have their models and pre-built homes ready for the public to walk through. It is also a time when most real estate agents have their homes have open houses as well for the public to come through. It is Fridays and Saturdays, October 11/12 & 18/19.

The Maple Hill Cemetery Stroll
A timeless Huntsville tradition to celebrate its history. The Maple Hill Cemetery Stroll takes place at historical Maple Hill Cemetery in downtown Huntsville. Local celebrities and members of the local populace will be dressed up in period clothing representing their characters. Each character having a strong impact on not only Huntsville, but sometimes the nation. Donations go exclusively to restore Maple Hill Cemetery.

Jewelry, Gem, & Mineral Show
This years (the 46th) show has been moved from its usual location at the VBC to the Jaycees building on Airport Road.  There is free parking, and the organizers ask for a $3 donation. This is always a great time every year. It runs Friday through Sunday.

There is a great amount to do this weekend and plenty to see. Everyone have fun.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Let's Talk About Windows

Picture taken by The Carol Jacobs Team

We here at Huntsville Metro Area Homes often have to look into window replacements.  Windows are a base object of any home. They can be found on walls, in ceilings as skylights, on doors as decoration, or even make up their own room for a sun room. Often one of the first things you'll see in a home remodel job in the remarks is that "windows have been updated" or "windows put in at this date - ". Much like anything else, windows have a limited shelf life. Depending on how well they have been maintained by the owner.

But once we move on from, "Let's get new windows" to "Which windows do we want" the choices can start to go in different directions. Now in terms of construction material, windows can be made of wood, vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, or a composite of several of these. Getting the right material will depend on where you live as in some places wood windows in a wet, humid area can lead to quick cases of wood rot. Or having aluminum windows in a very cold climate can sting you with large amount of heat loss.  Vinyl & composite windows are not the be all and end all of windows, but research must be done to find out what windows are the best for your location.

Now the types of windows...most homes of older age are single hung windows. That is they are pulled up from the bottom. This is what everyone remembers seeing at one point in their life. But there are so many more to consider.

Double hung windows have the ability to not only pull up the bottom part of the window, but also pull down the top part of the windows all depending on the wishes of the owner.

Picture windows we often see in magazines looking out over mountain ranges or at the beach front. The uninterrupted view that they provide can give a home an elegant focal point which moving through different rooms of a home. These windows are non-operating, meaning they do not open. They are used to let in the maximum amount of light possible and can be fitted to go from ceiling to floor. A perfect example of these are skyscrapers in which office windows that cover ceiling to floor.

Transom windows lie on the tops of doors and windows and more often than not are used as a design piece. They let in more light where there would usually be wall and in most if not almost all cases these are non-operational.

Now combining the previous window types and you have a Bay window. Bay windows can have picture, single, double, and transom windows. Many homes have this type of architectural feature which does make it stand out. It provides an increase in light and physically makes the room larger.

This picture is a beautiful visualization of a Bay window, Transom, Picture, and Double Hung windows from Factory Direct Remodeling of Atlanta.

Awning windows are windows that are hinged at the top and opened outwards. This type of window strongly appears in both European homes and basement windows alongside sliding windows.

Sliding windows as stated earlier are found easily in basement windows. More similar to the single and double hung windows, these windows operate horizontally allowing the window to slide on a track to open and close. It is easier to relate to a sliding glass door.

Casement windows. Casement windows are not often seen in this area, but more likely in mountainous or beach settings. They are windows that are hinged either on the left or right and open outwards.

An example of Transom windows and closed Casement windows from Loewen

Miscellaneous windows are those that can technically fit any of the categories above but are not identifiable on every house. These can be specialty windows such as circular, lead beveled (colored stained glass or colorless glass), circular inlay transom, or large irregular picture windows. Most of the time pieces that fall into the miscellaneous category are those which are custom made.

Today's Tidbit: Always make sure the window looks like it will go with the house. Windows that don't go with the house will make the house be known as the odd one on the block. For more information on windows, please seek out your local window professional. They'll have all the answers you'll need.

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