Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New Flooring or having Wood Flooring Refinished? 9/15/15

Good Morning everyone, its the middle of September and we thought we would share a small amount of information with you. Recently an agent that works in our office showed us photos she took of wood flooring in her listing that was refinished and stained. Unfortunately everything did not go as planned. The crew that did the work came back several times and continued to make the problem worse. In multiple occasions, they cut deep into the wood and did a incomplete job of staining. The flooring is now in a condition where the options are limited to either put in brand new flooring or cover it with carpet or some other overlay. The owners can leave it as is with the gashes and discoloration, but just seeing that walking into the house is disheartening and problematic for any potential homeowner.

The importance of bringing this up is the need to mention that its almost always the correct move to go with the professional company. Unlike contractors, this is the company's main focus, flooring. They are expected to have a higher quality than contractors, although some come with a higher price tag. They have insurance to handle major mistakes and their reputation is on the line, so there is pressure on them to deliver a quality product and/or service. And if there are errors or problems, they are much more likely to come out and service the problem areas. Below is a small sample list of companies which handle flooring (in no particular order). Feel free to click the links below and view their sites for more information.

James Carpets

Kemps Flooring

Rock Bottom Carpets

Haley's Flooring and Interiors

Lumber Liquidators

Wolde Flooring

Remember there are more choices out there for flooring. This is just a sample of professional companies. Also it never hurts to ask around. Ask your family, friends, and neighbors. Ask them about their experience. You don't know if you don't ask.

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Its Going to be a Wonderful Weekend 9/12/15-9/13/15

Its going to be a wonderful weekend with moderate temperatures. We haven't seen temperatures this comfortable in a while. Most everyone as of Friday morning's weathercast from WHNT, WAFF, and WAAYTV, has us around the middle 70s. Will this be the beginning of the break in the Summer heat and usher in the start of Autumn? We don't know, but I am sure our local weather people will tell us soon enough.

This weekend 9/12/15-9/13/15, is the Slide the City event that has been talked about for the past few months. AL.com has put together a good article. Feel free to take a read.

Our Valley Events, has also put together a wonderful primer on Newcomers to Huntsville. Great information and some tongue in cheek jokes local residents know. So anyone out of town that's visiting or moving in, its definitely worth a read.

Its been a very busy week and there's always more to do. We will catch you next time.

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