Friday, November 20, 2015

Remember Perception is Everything in Presentation

This post is for those selling their house. Its been said in the past, but bears repeating. Perception is everything in presentation, don't give potential buyers reason to be turned off the house when presenting it to them.

Some basics include no oversized furniture, no wild colors, letting the light in from windows, taking personal pictures off of walls and table tops, keep everything clean (no laundry hanging out in living room or bedrooms, sink clean, no food or dishes on countertops), and manicured lawn and landscaping.

But taking it one step further, take a very critical eye and see what's also presented to you when you are looking in the house. Do you see an oversized flower vase filled with flowers that are blocking a beautiful picture window? Is there a multicolored blanket on a couch directing vision there instead of the beautiful fireplace, built ins, and extensive crown molding? Are there leaks in the faucets that people can see or hear? Is there excessive noise from ceiling fans, or coming from other places which seem out of place. Do household ornaments look a little cluttered all sitting around a fireplace or filling up a table top?

Some of these are unintentional things we easily overlook. Mainly because we are used to seeing them in their proper places. Changing these places can make it look awkward, however to the potential buyer they see good flow through the house, clean table tops, a quiet house, and they begin to notice more details about the house.

Those first looks the potential buyer gives, sometimes may be that only opportunity you have with them. Make sure it counts.

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