Tuesday, February 18, 2014

More Jobs coming to Huntsville

That's right more jobs are coming to Huntsville.  The big announcement was made yesterday at a live event at 2PM yesterday.  Remington will be opening up an over 5,000 sqft manufacturing facility, producing 2,000 jobs directly and possibly many more indirectly. They will be located at the old Chrysler building, not far from Huntsville International Airport. Operations at the facility are expected to begin in around 18 months, maybe middle of 2015.

Also included in yesterday's news is Toyota's press release that they will be expanding operations at the Huntsville plant.  This will be Toyota's fourth expansion since opening.

Hopefully there were be more good news as on this scale coming in the future.

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Post-Snowstorm & Time to think about Landscaping

Its now post-snowstorm and all the heavy snow has quickly melted off the trees and most areas that had sun.  However, shaded areas are still strewn with snow patches and ice clumps.  But there is a warm-up coming so whatever is left won't be around for that long.  Hopefully everyone had fun while it lasted.

Its mid February, which means its the perfect time to start thinking of Landscaping.  Maybe not physically doing it, but thinking about how you want everything laid out.  What colors, materials, and plants to put in.  Everyone's starting to think of Spring, and March is quickly approaching.  At that point all the best plants will be going quick as some people are buying up all the ingredients for their yards for they did their planning ahead of time.  Ideas for landscaping can come from everywhere and anywhere.  And if you want to ask your local nursery what looks good with plants and materials go ahead and ask them, they don't mind helping you out.  Major nurseries include Bennett on North Parkway, Earthtouch on Whitesburg, and Reseda on 72 West. Be sure to check them out and if you know of any other ones just add your comment so that others can see it.  And remember don't procrastinate or your favorite plants or pavers may be gone.

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