Friday, September 20, 2013

Dangers of Lead Based Paint in Homes

Many posts we do are more uplifting and fun, however this one today is of a more serious nature.  Let's talk about Lead in the Home.  There are homes across the country which still have the lead paint on walls.  Since 1978, lead has been banned in its use as a ingredient in household paint.  Previously, lead was used as a faster drying agent, good durability so as not to have to paint as often, and the ability to be moisture resistant.  Now why the ban on lead in household paints?  Mainly because of its toxic nature.  They are especially toxic to the nervous system and the kidneys.  In children, this lead can be disastrous in their early development especially when they are surrounded by it in a lead walled environment.  Any paint chips or cracking of the paint into dust consumed or inhaled into the system is a serious concern.

With older homes, agents have a duty to ask whether or not there is lead based paint on the walls and sellers must disclose if there is or is not lead to the best of their abilities.  Regardless of is or is not, there is a Lead Based Paint Pamphlet produced by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development that agents distribute to clients.  This Pamphlet is a very important source of information which includes "The What", "The How To", "What Do I Do", and "Who Do I Contact?"  If you are selling your pre-1978 home or buying a home constructed before 1978, please remember to read this Lead Based Paint Pamphlet to protect you and your family.

Today's Tidbit:  Remember the Romans of millennia gone by used lead pipes, utensils, jewelry, and cosmetics.  No doubt this hastened the onset of lead poisoning of many of it citizens.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Highlighting A Property: 196 Shadowbrook Lane

Today we look over a property: 196 Shadowbrook Lane

This lovely home is a 3 bedroom ranch house on a dead end street giving much privacy with the woods beyond.

This home has a wonderful family room with a wood burning fireplace, double treyed ceiling, ceiling fan, and wood floors which extend through to the hallway and into the master bedroom.

 The master bedroom has wood floors plenty of light, ceiling fan, walk in closet and master bath.

The back deck is a lovely place for entertaining beneath the views of Chapman Mountain.

This nice backyard provides plenty of space for flowers and a large garden.

Views a plenty from this house whether it be from the front yard, back yard, or driving down the street.  This wonderful location within the Chase Shadow subdivision provides both privacy and solace beneath the rolling hills.  Currently on the market for $ 139,900.

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For more information call 256-651-7444.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Absurd, Crazy, and Interesting Design Ideas

Recently we had a client come and ask about possible ideas for their new house.  They wanted it to be special and not look like every other house that was out there.  We could only give so much information such as go to antique stores, specialty stores, and regular discount stores.  You never know what might pop up and by using what you see together it could make something that was specially unique for their home.

Now another suggestion we had besides brick and mortar businesses was to get a few ideas from online.  A few websites specially called out to them, but one in particular they took an interest in.

This one in particular had them asking us a multitude of questions that really should be answered by builders, architects, and gymnasts.  Buzzfeeds' 36 Things You Obviously Need in Your New Home was an web article that came out in July of this year.  Now not everything pleased them, but they did find a few thoughts from the site to spark their imagination for their kitchen and backyard.

Check out the article yourself and see if you can get anything that sparks your imagination!

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Updates to City of Huntsville and Chamber of Commerce Websites

As Huntsville continues to be the 2nd largest metro area in Alabama, the city has started a more proactive approach towards putting information online.  Now not many have noticed recently, but the City of Huntsville has now put city laws on an online database for everyone to see.  On the City of Huntsville's main front page, the JavaScript link is located at the bottom left.  Also included in their eGov links are forms, taxes, court and police records, etc.

Also the Huntsville Madison County Chamber of Commerce website has updated their maps section to show schools, parks, recreation, dining areas, industrial parks, arts, and more.  If you get a chance check it out!  One can only expect the chamber to add more to these maps.

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Friday, September 6, 2013

State of Alabama ranked at #4

Quick post for Friday!  Just reported by & Area Development Online Alabama has come in at #4 for the Best States to do Business.  Alabama follows Texas, Georgia, and South Carolina.  This is just another feather in the hat for Alabama which continually ranks year in and year out as a wonderful place to do business! Auto Manufacturing, Aerospace, Biotechnology, Port Commerce, among many other economic entities.
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Just This, That, and the Other: Labor Day, Football, Gaming & Maglev Train, you know the usual...

Well everyone is back in their places after the Labor Day Weekend, also the first weekend of football season.  So its a just a little bit slow picking up the pace again.  Who would have thought that Oregon State, ranked #25 at the time, would have been the first team to choke?
But then again, it seems its always got to be someone on that first weekend that everyone talks about.

So how is everyone enjoying September so far?  We should be seeing the beginning of a temperature slide through the month allowing for everyone to get outdoors more and not feel completely hampered by the heat.

For the video gaming buffs out there, the release dates have been confirmed for the Playstation 4 and XBOX ONE.  11/15/13 for Playstation, and 11/22/13 for XBOX, both US releases dates.

For the tech people: Japan just showed off their new 300+MPH Maglev train to reporters on its test track.  Possible future upgrade to Japan Railways?

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