Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Little Fun for Today: Summertime Treats and Kitchen Toys

Today's post pops into some Summer fun: treats and toys.  Treats as it for picnics and parties and Toys as in kitchen gadgets we love to play around with and experiment with.  These were found on the websites of Southern Living and Better Homes & Gardens.  There's quite a few of these recipes we might try out, including the hand pies, fudge pops, and key lime cheesecake bars.  A few of these cool treats sounds just right for some of these warm days.  If anyone has tried these recipes out before or does try them out, comment below and let us know how they turned out.

Today's Tidbit: Sometimes one of the easiest things to make during summer can also make you feel better.  Make yourself a tall glass of lemonade loaded with ice.  Let sit until the glass really has cooled with the ice before drinking.  Not only refreshing, but also can put a smile on your face with its tart and tangy taste.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Many New Business opening their doors in the Huntsville Metro Area

With Huntsville's westwards expansion to County Line Road and beyond, new businesses have moved in and have been created.

Rendering by Colonial Properties and Trust, managing Promenade Pointe

Promenade Pointe is a  perfect example of all the businesses starting to flourish.  Promenade Pointe is 1/2 mile East of County Line Road, but West of Balch and lies on 53 acres of land previously annexed by the City of Huntsville.  Currently in the shopping district there is Walmart, Panda Express, Zaxby's, and Car Wash Express.  New and just moving into the Pointe are IHOP, Firestone, and Family Security Credit Union.  Also mentioned moving in are Sports Clips Hair Salon, Stevi B's Pizza, Lisa's Nail and Spa, and Urban Chez Restaurant.  There is also a possibility of having a Verizon Wireless right off of Balch as well.

This was only Phase 1 of the master developers plan for the area.  Phase 2 is said to be on the western end of the development and will be 80,000 sqft of commercial space.  Phase 3 will be an apartment complex on 27 acres.

Today's Tidbit: In a new survey that was just released, the top two Automotive Manufacturing States are Tennessee, and Alabama respectively.  Alabama has risen from #7 to #2 with and expansions of Mercedes Benz, Honda, and Hyundai.  

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Outdoor Nature Places to Visit & US Army Soldier Show

Today's post comes from a reader who asked about outdoor nature places for hiking, fishing, and just to go be with the large expanses of nature.

Being that Huntsville is one of the cities with the most green spaces in the country, there are plenty of places to go in the city, metro area and for day trips outside the city.

Below are links we have assembled for going outdoors and getting into nature and being a part of different activities and observe the wonderful green scenery.

Huntsville Botanical Garden
Madison County Nature Trail on Green Mountain
Land Trust of North Alabama
Big Spring Park
Maple Hill Cemetery
State Parks of Alabama
Monte Sano State Park
Lake Guntersville State Park
Cathedral Caverns State Park
Alabama Vacation Guide

Today's Tidbit:  Another part of The Carol Jacobs Team went out to the US Army Soldier Show Wednesday night and it was fantastic.  A superb performance of singing, dancing, and acting.  The stage had wonderful lights props, and soldiers that really had you believe they were professionals at everything they did.  The music, singing, and dancing cut across all boundaries from country, rap, jazz, dance hall, Disney, rock, pop, and musicals.  Here is the rest of the Tour Schedule for the US Army Soldier Show!

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Quick Review of Concert in the Park: 7/22/13, US Army Materiel Command Band

Part of the Carol Jacobs team went to last night's Concerts in the Park on a whim and were pleased with the turnout, environment, and fun.

Put on by The Arts Council Inc of Huntsville, AL & the Department of Recreational Services of Huntsville, AL, was moved indoors because of the rain during the day and possible rain later on.  The relocated event took place in the South Hall of the VBC, on the south side of the VBC Arena.  The hall was completely air conditioned and over 95% brought their lawn chairs and folding chairs while the vendors sold food and drinks.

The MC for the evening was Steve Johnson of WHNT who introduced everyone from the band to guests to present honors to the band.

Once the the music started, it began with several jazz pieces then moving to the title track from the movie "1941" and the Olympic signature piece "Fanfare for the common man" among many others.  The performers were looking very sharp and their instruments were completely sterling with shine that could be seen in the far back of the hall.

Intermingling with the crowd were also reenactors dressed up in different period uniforms from nurses from the Vietnam and WWII era, to Vietnam Recon soldiers and WWII infantry.

The large crowd gave applause after every set and enjoyed themselves thoroughly.  With a concert this nice, free, and easy access to the event everyone was pleased to have made it.

We eagerly look forward to going to more Concerts in the Park.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Few Huntsville Summer Events as of 7/18/13

There's a few great summer events going pick what you want to do and go!

Historic Huntsville Foundation is back with Movies In The Park on three Friday's this summer 7/26, 8/9, and 8/23 in which they will be showing E.T., To Kill a Mockingbird, and Back to the Future.  There was a vote on 6/20 at the Sidewalk Arts Stroll to pick the movies.  The movies begin at sundown in Big Spring Park behind the Huntsville Museum of Arts.
Historic Huntsville Foundation

Florence's amazing WC Handy Music Festival is back again from 7/19-7/28.
Information on the Event through the WC Handy Festival Website
Daily Schedule of the WC Handy Festival

The Huntsville Ghost Walk is still going on.  On Saturdays at 6pm leaving from Harrison Hardware Store in Downtown Huntsville.

The Madison City Farmer's Market is on Saturday 7/20 in the morning from 8-12 beside Discovery Middle School located at 1282 Hughes Rd, Madison.

US Space & Rocket Center Armed Services week providing free admission to military families. 7/21-7/27, 9am-5pm.

Concerts in the Parks has the US Army Materiel Command Band on 7/22, 6:30-8pm at Big Spring Park.

US Army Soldier Show is on 7/23-7/27 at 7pm at the VBC Concert Hall.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Alabama breaks into another Top Ten Poll: Pro-Business State

Alabama broke into a top ten list of being a pro-business state.  The research was done by Pollina Corporate of Park Ridge, IL and co-published by the American Economic Development Institute.

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Huntsville ranked in another Top Ten!

This time Huntsville is ranked at #10 in the Top Metros for Keeping Cool during the Heat.  The study was done by Apartment Guide.  The study was done by looking at air conditioning units, swimming pools, and ceiling fans.

Top Metros for Keeping Cool This Summer
Find the perfect apartment with Apartment Guide!

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A Few of Our Listings for 7-12-13

Today we're just looking at a few listings we have on the market:

8 King Georges Way
Absolutely stunning home inside and out in the subdivision of Lake Forest with a view that stretched out over the lake.

Located inside the Luxury Gated Community of Cedarhurst, this home boasts two luxury master baths fit for a celebrity!

131 Fred Atkinson
This amazing ranch home has beautiful hardwoods that welcome you and a wonderful back deck for quiet evenings.  This home is not to be missed!

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cleaning up after rains, winds, and storms...

After a few weeks of very busy activity in and outside the office, its time for a new post and a few pictures of last nights angry lightning storm.  This of course coming after the heels of what seems like a week and half of constant rain.

These fantastic photos were taken by WHNT's Mike Wilhelm.

After heavy rains and some winds its possible that some branches or limbs may fall.  Now it is best to make sure its cleaned up and moved towards where the city can pick up.  If left alone, multiple problems may ensue.  If the limbs are heavy and there has been a good deal of rain, you could be soon finding that the ground has become sunken in with the weight on top.  Experience shows that it only takes the smallest amount of dropped weight to make an impact on the looks of the yard for the dent in the ground to be easily seen.  Leaving the debris unattended can also provide a home for may insects including ants, termites, wasps, and spiders.  Never a good combination anytime as soon they could spread to the house.  After more rains come, moss and mold can build up on the debris itself and also harbor decaying rot.  This rot is always clearly evident by the deep musty smell.  Also check for mushrooms, their growth is an indication of decay.

Causes of Wood FungiFile:Fungus on Log in Garston Wood - - 313089.jpg

Remember get rid of the problem before it starts!

Today's Tidbit: If you have wood piles of lumber make sure they're out in the open for easy drying after rains. Never keep them leaning against the house, and keep up with them so there are no insects setting up a colony in the dark places where you can't see.  Keep it tidy!