Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Food Truck Schedule for 2015

Everyone's very busy today, but found this information and wanted to pass it along. The food truck schedule for 2015. It runs from April through October. For more information including dates, times, and what trucks are coming, here is a link from AL.com. Jerry Damson Honda even sponsored a poster for the Food Truck Season. So take a look, find what you like and enjoy yourself!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Once again Huntsville Captures top honors for Engineering - Feb 2015

While the city Huntsville was locked into a snow and ice cycle in February and March, organizations have bestowed titles of top engineering city on Huntsville.

Forbes and NerdWallet have announced that Huntsville is the best place for engineers. By far away and an easy pick among the organizations Huntsville stood out the most. Not only that but reading further into the article Decatur, AL also made the list, making the metro area very strong indeed in terms of an engineering powerhouse. The hidden gem of the Huntsville area is once again proudly recognized.

Also sneaking in on another list. Huntsville managed to get into the top 15 of top cities for pay in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) jobs. With the above awards of engineering, these two can easily seen being hand in hand which looks back at another list by Wallethub showing Huntsville on the list for most educated cities.

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A Short Post with Spring Around the Corner

With Spring just around the corner and the ice finally having melted after a few days of hanging on, the warmer temperatures have finally pushed through into the Huntsville Metro Area. The past few days we have been seeing a constant flow of sixty plus degree temperatures. It would feel fantastic if it wasn't for the off and on rain that has been hovering in the skies for the past few days. But we will push past it and once again reach the wonderful weather of sunny skies, warm temperatures and be dry. We just have to repeat to ourselves that Spring will be arriving shortly.

In other real estate celebrity news, David Hasselhoff is putting his large two story Mediterranean style Calabasas home on the market for just under 2.3 million. Variety and Today have more information and pictures.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Awareness Post - 60 Minutes investigatory report on Lumber Liquidators.

We saw this Sunday evening and wanted to share it in case anyone had not seen it. This is a clip on the investigation that was done by CBS 60 Minutes on Lumber Liquidators. This is to put out there for awareness. We expect to hear a follow up on CBS.

CBS Lumber Liquidators clip

We will continue to keep our eyes and ears open for any other awareness real estate news stories that pop up.

Laminate flooring information on wikipedia.

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