Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Landscaping, Mortgage News, and a Link

Landscaping is a tool to accentuate the home, not hide it among a jungle of assorted plants, flowers, and overgrown herbi-monsters.

Good landscaping can always be seen right off the bat.  It can provide a soft touch to ease the rigid house exterior, or it can be used to push the voice that this house is of some importance with a bordered driveway, or guided walkway to the front door.

How your landscaping is shaped, flows, and whats in it says much about you and your home.  Do you have many holly bushes adjoining the front porch warning people to stay away?  Or do you have lambs ears giving a welcoming feeling to your guests?

Remember minimal landscaping is much better than an overdone circus of a yard.  There's one just off of South Parkway that screams for a vendor to be selling cotton candy.

Quick Excellent Reminder of Landscaping Mistakes by HGTV.

Mortgage News:  Word is coming from Phoenix where President Obama will speak about restructuring Freddy Mac & Fannie Mae or possibly shuttering them altogether.  These nationalized companies still hold a large amount of mortgages as well as foreclosures. This brings the big question: mortgages might be easier to unload but how will the current foreclosures they have on their books be moved out when they use a system of local agents to handle the marketing of the properties.  Not many private companies will want to jump and accept the responsibilities of foreclosures with the maintenance that comes with it, but if no takers will this be passed off to each of the states for more local control?  Just a question that remains unanswered for now.

Link to Popular Mechanics Strange Homes.

Today's Tidbit:  Use times of constant and heavy rains to check for roof and garage leaks in walls and ceilings.

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