Friday, August 2, 2019

3 Tips for Summer Maintenance

Its been a very busy summer with a low inventory in Huntsville and the surrounding areas. According to the local board of realtors ,its the lowest inventory since 2006. We are now in the full swing of summer with the warm temperatures and sudden downpours of rain. There are many many items to note for Summer upkeep around the house, but here are a few.

This one may seem like an easy one, but we can forget when we are rushing in the house to get into the air conditioning or away from a sudden downpour. Make sure gutters are cleared of all debris and have no leaks. Clogged gutters can lead to standing water which are breeding pools for mosquitoes. It can also overflow at areas of inconvenience such as over the front porch when you are trying to get in or out of the house.

Keep the bushes around the house trimmed. We may just walk by bushes without thinking of them, but when left unattended new branches can sprout like weed like efficiency when not noticed over a short period of time. These errant branches can cover up windows, sidewalks, or access to crawlspaces and hose faucets.

Lastly, keep the foundation around the house at a moist and consistent state during times of extreme heat and dryness. Either due to high summer temperatures or other vegetation like tree roots drying out surrounding moisture from the ground surrounding the foundation. Extreme dryness around the foundation can lead to settling which can possibly lead to cracks. Too much heat and too much cold, too dry and too wet are all negatives. As the saying goes, keep in moderation. For more information please seek out local foundation professionals for more detailed advice.

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