Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cleaning up after rains, winds, and storms...

After a few weeks of very busy activity in and outside the office, its time for a new post and a few pictures of last nights angry lightning storm.  This of course coming after the heels of what seems like a week and half of constant rain.

These fantastic photos were taken by WHNT's Mike Wilhelm.

After heavy rains and some winds its possible that some branches or limbs may fall.  Now it is best to make sure its cleaned up and moved towards where the city can pick up.  If left alone, multiple problems may ensue.  If the limbs are heavy and there has been a good deal of rain, you could be soon finding that the ground has become sunken in with the weight on top.  Experience shows that it only takes the smallest amount of dropped weight to make an impact on the looks of the yard for the dent in the ground to be easily seen.  Leaving the debris unattended can also provide a home for may insects including ants, termites, wasps, and spiders.  Never a good combination anytime as soon they could spread to the house.  After more rains come, moss and mold can build up on the debris itself and also harbor decaying rot.  This rot is always clearly evident by the deep musty smell.  Also check for mushrooms, their growth is an indication of decay.

Causes of Wood FungiFile:Fungus on Log in Garston Wood - - 313089.jpg

Remember get rid of the problem before it starts!

Today's Tidbit: If you have wood piles of lumber make sure they're out in the open for easy drying after rains. Never keep them leaning against the house, and keep up with them so there are no insects setting up a colony in the dark places where you can't see.  Keep it tidy!

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