Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Quick Review of Concert in the Park: 7/22/13, US Army Materiel Command Band

Part of the Carol Jacobs team went to last night's Concerts in the Park on a whim and were pleased with the turnout, environment, and fun.

Put on by The Arts Council Inc of Huntsville, AL & the Department of Recreational Services of Huntsville, AL, was moved indoors because of the rain during the day and possible rain later on.  The relocated event took place in the South Hall of the VBC, on the south side of the VBC Arena.  The hall was completely air conditioned and over 95% brought their lawn chairs and folding chairs while the vendors sold food and drinks.

The MC for the evening was Steve Johnson of WHNT who introduced everyone from the band to guests to present honors to the band.

Once the the music started, it began with several jazz pieces then moving to the title track from the movie "1941" and the Olympic signature piece "Fanfare for the common man" among many others.  The performers were looking very sharp and their instruments were completely sterling with shine that could be seen in the far back of the hall.

Intermingling with the crowd were also reenactors dressed up in different period uniforms from nurses from the Vietnam and WWII era, to Vietnam Recon soldiers and WWII infantry.

The large crowd gave applause after every set and enjoyed themselves thoroughly.  With a concert this nice, free, and easy access to the event everyone was pleased to have made it.

We eagerly look forward to going to more Concerts in the Park.

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