Monday, January 7, 2013

Article from Allied Vans Moving Company about people relocating

Recently we found this infograph which is very important to both the Huntsville Alabama Real Estate Market and to the business market as a whole.  Below is a study by Allied Vans' Moving Company on the latest migration pattern within United States and Canada.  Blue represents incoming population, Red represents almost equal inbound and outbound population, and Yellow represents outgoing population.

For the fractions, bottom=2012 total inward migration #; top=2012 total outward migration #

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Most of this fits with a few exceptions with the map put together below by on the best states for business.

2012 Migration Patterns
2012 Migration Patterns by Atlas Van Lines

Today's Tidbit:  Remember the above is just one example from one company.  However, its best to take a look at the number and see where the highest difference in numbers is.  From there you can then look deeper to find why there's either a large exodus or large population boom coming for that state.

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