Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Homes Leading the Way in Housing Growth

With the Real Estate Housing Market slowly coming alive once again, the one leading the charge into positive territory is the New Construction.  Here in the Huntsville Alabama Real Estate Market, we have seen this first hand with the many new construction subdivisions popping up all over the Metro Area.  From West Huntsville to South Huntsville, Construction companies of Breland Homes and Hunter Communities, these new subdivisions have seen growth as clients are supporting these over resale homes.  Clients are getting a competitive price for something new against a resale home which may or may not need a little extra TLC.

With Housing Up 6%, hopefully the market will continue to heal itself and lead to more confident home ownership. The link below will take you to a video talking about possible changes to Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac.  It is certainly worth thinking about as more taxpayers are on the line for mortgages as more people get back into the housing market.

BlackRock Vice Chairman Barbara Novick

Today's Tidbit:  It has been a soggy week in the Huntsville Metro Area.  This is the 6th? day of rain...due to a stuck stationary front over the Tennessee Valley.  This should be pushed out of the way as a new cold front comes through releasing sunshine for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and leading to very cold air on Monday and Tuesday in which the highs may not break the freezing point.  Save the pets and plants, keep them indoors.  Remember for local weather you may always go to,, or

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