Tuesday, February 26, 2013

North Alabama Economic News and Reinforcing National Real Estate Numbers

Short bits for today...

On the east side of Decatur there's been a proposal to build a 1.3 Billion dollar retail center which has a possibility to bring in over 4 thousand jobs.  The location has been placed at the intersection of I-565 and I-65 Interchange.  The Decatur city council vote of approval give the mayor the ability to continue negotiations with the developer.

Local groups comprised of academic, industry, and non-profit groups are trying to put together a presentation to have the North Alabama / Huntsville Metro Area acquire new factory otherwise known as smart manufacturing centers.  The industry sector is ready to put money into the project, but are waiting to get the question answered of what will their return on investment will they get.

S&P/Case Shiller has released a new report showing national price increase by 0.2%, after Dec had a price increase of 0.9%.  For the final quarter home prices jumped 2%.

Today's Tidbit:  A fantastic article on the passing of former US Surgeon General C. Everett Koop.

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