Thursday, May 2, 2013

Inspiration on Green Mountain

Today we decided to do a quick highlight of a community: Inspiration on Green Mountain.  Admittedly, it was one of our clients who gave this idea when he, I should say they, bought a home in the subdivision and we went up to check on how the house was shaping up.  The team arrived just in time to see the workers just beginning to brick the exterior.  After checking out the interior, we relayed the information back to our client on how well the work was going and told him that everything was coming along beautifully.

Inspiration on Green Mountain is a brand new subdivision being built from the ground up by Woodland Home in Southeast Huntsville on Green Mountain Road off of Bailey Cove Road.  In fact, right now you can actually see homes being built, roofed, and bricked and lots with sold signs on them.  Homes in this subdivision can either be on the bluff with beautiful mountain views or on the interior feeling the wisping winds flow through the subdivision.  Either way just by looking at the model home, you know these homes will be gorgeous when their new owner steps foot inside for the first time.  The School District for Inspiration on Green Mountain is Mountain Gap/Mountain Gap/Grissom.  Prices start at $330,000 for these homes in Inspiration on Green Mountain.

See the flyer put together by Woodland Homes to give you an idea of the layout of Inspiration on Green Mountain.  After this week's drive by, we can tell you real estate is going quick up there on Green Mountain.

Today's Tidbit:  Remember to take your Realtor with you when you are viewing a new construction or considering viewing a model home.  They can remember to ask the questions on the spot that sometimes you don't remember;  It is also good to have a Realtor watching your back, just like the builder has one working for him.

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