Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Helpful Tool in Your Search for a Home in Huntsville, Alabama

Often times we need more information on properties, their surroundings as well as other factors.  For years now our group has used Huntsville's GIS Interactive Maps as an additional tool to help ourselves and clients.  It not only allows you to zoom into street level, but it also allows you to overlay different types of informational maps.  A great example would be to overlay warning sirens over subdivisions in Madison County.  To do this you click "More" in the top right hand corner, scroll down and check "warning sirens" then scroll up and hit "subdivisions in Madison County".  As you can see in that list that there are several different overlays that you can use for your own information gathering.  Also to the right of it is a "basemap" which will change how it looks including aerial and topographical maps.

I encourage you to play around with it for a bit and see what else you can find.  Its uses can stretch over a wide variety of life.

Today's Tidbit:  Remember to check for verification on this such as everything else, because we have a found a few errors in the past.  But most of the time its fairly accurate.

Huntsville Metro Area Homes

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