Thursday, March 28, 2013

Climate for People Moving to Huntsville Alabama

That's right this time, we decided to take a different approach and talk about Climate/Weather.  Now we, not being meteorologists, may not have the best expertise on the subject.  However, we do have a great deal of experience like many people who live in the Tennessee Valley and Huntsville Alabama in particular.

Just in recent events, we saw the snowstorms of Winter 2010/2011 which dropped 17 inches in Huntsville that season.  We saw tornadoes that raked through the Tennessee Valley in April of 2011, as well as the strength in the core of the community to come together to clean up and rebuild on the grassroots neighborhood scale. We have seen the most rare occurrence of downtown Huntsville being flooded in June of 2003, when almost the rest of the city was for the most part untouched (with the exception of several creek areas).  But there also have been everyday events which still stand out: We have seen gorgeous Summers for the downtown series called Concert in the Park year after year.  Driving over the ridge of Cecil Ashburn Drive heading into Hampton Cove on a late spring morning watching the sun pierce through the clouds and drape onto the lush green grasses and forested trees of Hampton Cove.  Not only serene but breathtaking that something that beautiful can happen in our very own backyard.

These important events create lasting memories that we carry with us in our lives.
(Photo Taken by The Carol Jacobs Team)

Spring and Summer are usually mild with average high temperatures of 60-80 degrees in Spring and 80+ in Summer.  Usually August tends to be the most troublesome month with high temps sometimes hitting 90+ with high humidity leading to a heat index that really climbs.  Sprinkled in are pop up thundershowers and every now and again a squall line of thunderstorms.  Other than that these seasons are filled with mostly blue skies and a feeling of comfort.  Spring is when the area puts on the Spring Tour of Homes which this year will be April 27th - 28th & May 4th - 5th.  These newly constructed homes will be available for viewing these two weekends.  If you would like more information when it becomes available please email or call 256-651-7444.

(Photo taken by The Carol Jacobs Team)

(Photo taken by The Carol Jacobs Team)

Autumn and Winter are two months of which you could say have different stances.  Temps during this time sees average lows gradually sinking from 50s in Autumn to lower 30s in the heart of Winter. Autumn has the last gasp of possible severe weather before a mostly quiet period of Winter in which precipitation reaches a low point.  Autumn is best known for being the season in which football season is in full swing, and the night temperatures are still pleasant to go to in t-shirt and shorts.  Winter is the quiet month, but at rare times gulf coast precipitation becomes locked in and is sitting idle over the Tennessee Valley when a strong cold front comes down from the Northwest causing the moisture to condense and fall on the beautiful lands that is the Huntsville Alabama Metro Area.  As we stated before though, we're not meteorologists, we can only tell you what we experience and what we can remember.

(Photo taken by The Carol Jacobs Team)

Today's Tidbit:  We have some of the best meteorologists in the country to help us with our weather, as well as weather planning.  They are the ones we rely on to plan our schedules, and when severe weather happens they are who we rely on to protect our clients when we happen to have them with us at the time.

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