Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Investment Properties and Foreclosure Buying in the Huntsville Alabama area

Right now there still is a fantastic opportunity to buy foreclosures and investment properties.  While not as many properties in the foreclosures as there used to be.  There is still a good portion in which people have overlooked in trying to find the most dirt cheap property to buy.  This is the next few tiers up, the ones that look in great condition with a bargain price for the client.  There are quite a few properties on the market which are in top condition with not many years under their belt.  Some may need a little work but for their currently listing price someone is going to walk away a winner.  Please bear with me as I have a few examples to show you.

2941 Hampton Cove Way
A large full brick house over Five thousand square feet with a fantastic interior and on 1/3 acre lot for just over $300,000.  Take a look through the pictures in the link and see the rooms for yourself and if you want to tour the home yourself just call me up.  You know the number 256-651-7444.

106 Rain Oak Drive
A good sized full brick home for a small price, what could make you feel better.  This great curb appeal ranch house is going for just over $130,000 with over Two thousand square feet.  This empty four bedroom home sits on a 105 x 200 lot in Harvest in the Carroll Station subdivision.  Once again the pictures are available for you to view to show that its in great condition.

101 Bellevue Drive
What is there to say about Bellevue? Its a two story brick house with over 2500 square feet and just under $110,000 in the wonderful Meridianville subdivision of Bainbridge.

120 Kensington Drive
Ah elegance in Madison.  Priced under $300,000, this two story brick home comes with five spacious bedrooms in the Woodfield subdivision.  A completely darling house with over Three thousand square feet.

9003 Brookfield Circle
Although a bit older, this house is wonderful at over Two thousand square feet and just over $150,000.  Three bedrooms and three full baths at this price in the Valley Bend subdivision is quite an eye opener.

These homes show there is good opportunity out there for people who are interested in buying a foreclosure or are seeking a good investment property.  All it takes is the right real estate agent, a good determination to find what you're looking for, and the wherewithall to say "I'll take that one,".  Because truth be told, these homes that are in great condition don't last that long at all.  They're here one day and gone the next.  If you would like to begin your search or have something in mind, or even questions don't hesitate to call me 256-651-7444.

Today's Tidbit:  Many homes do require a bit of home repair, but still others feel like they need a bulldozer.  Always be careful with homes that need a large investment of repair work, these homes are often not worth it as the expense of the work outweighs either the low price or possible resale later on.  Our team feels that warning clients on properties such as these are a priority.

Huntsville Alabama Metro Area

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